I’ve Had It With Vampires

So i was looking through the books here at Fully Booked,Powerplant. I was shuffling over from the graphic novel section to the young adult section (what?! i’m a young adult.) where i found the most horrendous thing ever.

An entire rack dedicated to vampire books.

And it wasn’t just the Twilight saga. No, it was a whole lot of that plus some rip-offs. All (at least i think all of them. i didn’t bother browse) vampire romance. Is it really a new-generation fetish to be bitten by an undead creature of the night? Though i must say, i wouldn’t say no to some neck-biting 😉

Look, vampires are cool. Or at least they used to be. Back during the time of AnneRice, Lestat was one kick-ass vampire. Well, kinda. Even Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel seemed too cool. But that was in the 90s. Now, the vampires of the 21st century are just…too…unvampirish. Bram Stoker is probably crying in his grave right now.

I have nothing personal (maybe i do) against the Twilight Saga but this fantardness has got to stop. i’m not saying don’t read the books. Hell, it’s your time and your money. I’m not even saying it’s not worth the read, after all, who am i to judge what you like. I’m just saying, geez. enough with the Edward/Jacob obsession. (I actually read that some girls broke up with their boyfriends because they weren’t like Edward. He’s a fictional character, for crying out loud!)

And as a last shout out, PLEASE PLEASE make a Breaking Dawn movie. Please! Why? Well, ofcourse this is why Breaking Dawn Should Be a Movie.

It’s a little bit of everything: sex, pedophilia, gore, violence, sadism and masochism, broken ribs. If the link above didn’t make you smile at all, get out of my page. 🙂

This post is dedicated to my neice, Je, whose link (above) inspired me to write this entire entry.  May you have no glittering abs, Je.

6 responses to “I’ve Had It With Vampires

  1. Vampires were awesome(albeit more stereotypical(I think)) until Faglight was published, yes, I despise the book on account that most of the girls I know(Back in high school) look as pale as Edward now because of their “dedication” to him(Obsession much?).

    But you’re right, it’s the fanbase that’s wrong, not the author. But I can’t help it. :V

    • Don’t get me wrong. i don’t like the author either. haha! and talk about extremes. If those girls want to look pale, they should donate blood to a blood bank. that way, its a win-win situation.

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