Tales of the Insane (or something like it)

So I’ve been fixing my blog a lot (though I’m taking too long, as per my own standards) but at least there’s progress. You can see a fresh list of pages you can click (to the right) and a much updated blogroll of people I know. Though I noticed something.

I seemed to have meshed together my blogs and my lit works, and now i kinda feel that the blog is messy. Unorganized if you will. No matter! I have come up with the solution.


From now til (hopefully) forever, my works shall now be posted in a new blogsite. Yeah, i know. More sites for you to not visit right? Well, easy. You can actually click on the links in my blogroll. Easy!

The links are also spread out across this blogpost, so feel free to visit!

Works I’ve already posted here will remain undeleted, though I’ll be reposting them in the other site as well.

That’s it readers! Catch you all soon!

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