I Survived (the first two weeks of) my last term!

Wow, second week of classes are over, and i feel like i’ve been in school for like 3months now. I’ve been pretty tired a lot, and it sucks! But hey, in my two weeks of class, I’ve survived (1.)a law exam which i didn’t study for! and (2.)A crammed INNOTEC paper, (3) and 4.5 hours worth of straight classes! Not to mention some pretty hectic org stuff! But hey, i survived! That’s what matters, right?

Am I looking forward to next week? Not as much, since i’ll probably be more stressed then. Next week will be the Presidential Forum, and i’m expecting some sleepless nights off it. Doesn’t matter. I’ll think of it as training, pre-thesis!

Speaking of which, why haven’t we started yet! Damnit! Better not speak too soon about surviving the term!

Wish me luck! (or better yet, do my workload. Any takers?)

6 responses to “I Survived (the first two weeks of) my last term!

  1. i’ll do your homework for you. how much is the pay?

    in the honor of full disclosure, i should say that i’ll prolly be drunk while im doing them so. yeah.

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