Stuck in a Rut

Motivation. Discipline. Perseverance. Existence. Yeah, I’m sure you’re all wondering why I’ve used words that are way beyond the normal English level capacity I can comprehend. I’ll get to it.

i get bored easily. this isn’t news. anyone who knows me would know that i cannot stand routine. which is why i cannot do anything properly. i cannot condition myself to work and do things that i want to do,that i have to do, that i need to do. i cannot push myself because i get so frickin’ bored. Or tired. Or indifferent.

Because of this, i tend to let people down. i tend to miss out on things that i could actually be experiencing. In theory, once i plan out the things i have to do, i feel psyched to do it, but when i go and do it, it just disappears.

just like that.


i need to get the fuck out of this slump and start working my ass off, or else, i’m gonna pay for it in the long run. (or in the nine-weeks-left-in-my-term run).

Motivation, where are you? Discipline, when are you going to kick-in. Perseverance, will you aid me? Existence, could you call up the other three? I badly need them.

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