Nerves and Jitters

Let us disregard the fact that I have so much due right now, and instead of just focusing on that, I’m blogging.

Hey, i have to get this out somehow.

*Flashback to Friday*

It was late, and I was still sleeping (which was something I almost NEVER get to do on a weekday!) when my phone rang. I wasn’t paying attention to it, because it was depriving me of my sleep, but it was getting annoying, so I checked who was calling. It was a landline number. From my ACM internship experiences, only companies call you up in the cellphone via landline numbers. So snapping out of my half-asleep daze, I answered the call.

It was Kraft. A person from HR called to ask me if I was available for an interview for their Graduate something program. (Since I had just woken up, I wasn’t really sure about what the program is or if this is Kraft’s version of teh Management Trainee). I scheduled an interview with them for Wed, 4:00pm (that’s tomorrow!)

At around lunch time, they called again, but I missed it. :'(. Tried calling back, but I was redirected to their operator. Having no idea who to look for, I said goodbye and hung up. I’m still hoping that the call wasn’t to cancel my interview. They didn’t call again, so I’m assuming it wasn’t. Hopefully.

*Back to the present*

So now, I’m freaking out! My first EVER REAL JOB interview. I mean, normally, I wouldn’t really freak out about this, since interviews are a cinch. But yesterday, I had some time to think and I realized the following things:

1. I had a chance to get into an MT program (where only a few do get the opportunity)

2. Working for Kraft would be GREAT! because:

a. It’s an FMCG company

b. It’s in the SOUTH!

c. The benefits and the pay (so I hear) is WOAH. One of the more competitive salaries

d. I’m familiar with their products

3.  If I do get accepted, I’d no longer have to worry about job hunting!

4. Earning my own money is SWEET! Independence to the next level!

Now, a day before the interview, I’m getting goosebumps and shivers (though it could be because the aircon in the conservatory is pointed straight at me). But I’m usually like this: freaking out prior to things.

Tomorrow is the day. I shall keep you posted!

3 responses to “Nerves and Jitters

  1. CARLO!!! SUPER HIRAP PUMASOK SA KRAFT sabi ng mga ka-officemates ko!! Swerte mo 🙂 natuloy ba?? kamusta??

    • Interview palang naman eh! God, sana matanggap ako! I had a really long interview. Around 1 hour ata? Tapos a lot of them heavily relied on past experiences, so good thing meron ako nasabi. TApos nagtanong sila ng mga “what did you learn” hahaha

      Sabi ni Cheng, yung buong MT process, around 2 months, so ANG TAGAL!
      Balitaan kita kung may update. Sannaaaaaa

      ikaw, bigtime na! J&J, yehes!

      • yeheees!!! 1 hr! nagulat siguro sila dahil ang dami mo ng experiences noh? haha! sana nga dyan ka na, south ang lapit!! :)) tagal nga noh, gusto ko nga din dito mag MT pero hindi ko pa alam kung paano. hindi naman kasi ako direct hire kaya pano ako magiging bigtime :\ bigtime sa experience, sa pera hindi. WAHAHAHHA.

        balitaan mo me tapos libre mo kami sa contis sa BF pag tanggap na u ah!!! 😀

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