14 Days of February

Yep, i lied when i said i was going to post it a day after. But I’m posting it now.

Disclaimer: Because of the hectic academic work which I am constantly thrown by my evil professors, I was forced to live in a hole where no writing is allowed. Hence, I’ve only written 10 out of the 14 promised stories. I  will try my best (not promise) to finish the said stories as soon as I can. Please let me know what you think, too, so I can revise them.

Disclaimer 2: Some of the stories are kinda cheesy and cliched, but that’s kinda the point of 14 Days of February. Enjoy!

Here are the links to the stories:

1. Arts and Crafts (link to follow; forgot to type the story)

2. The Best Friends

3. Pick-Up Lines

4. BRB (to follow; unwritten)

5. Secret Admirer

6. Blind Dates (to follow; unwritten)

7. Affairs

8. Dinner with the Wife

9. Office Romance (to follow; unwritten)

10. Puppy Love

11. Beautiful Strangers

12. Exes Drive You Nuts

13. Countdown

14. The Golden Years (to follow; unwritten)

READ AS A WHOLE (to follow; incomplete)

❤ ❤ ❤

So, What’s your love story?

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