SSDD Summer

Before I go on and babble about my summer, I’ll post something that I was tagged to do. I normally don’t do anything of the sort, but hey, i’m too frickin bored to really resist. So here it is:

1.) Give a top 10 list of the things that make you happy:

Not in any particular order
1. Supernatural
2. Writing
3. People viewing my blog / people asking me questions on formspring
4. Plurk
5. My secret hobbies. :>
6. hugs from my sister
7. funny .gifs
8. serious talks
9. downloading new songs
10. singing in the car

2.) Give a top 5 list of trivia about yourself.

1. I hate it when my books get creases on the spine
2. I know how to speak/understand a little japanese, chinese, latin, and italian. i plan to master the last two languages.
3. I want a speaking accent. And I want to be able to switch from and among these three accents: Australian, Irish, and African.
4. I’d sooner reply to you in a SNS that via my phone or via YM.
5. I’m passive agressive
3.) Share the award with only 5 persons and ask them to do the same thing.

Trixie, Je, Alps, Carl, Gwen, and anyone else who wants to do this!
4.) Link the blog of the person who awarded you. (Di ko gets. Awarded?)



So for those of you who are wondering what SSDD means, it means “Same Shit, Different Day”. I got that from Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher. And it pretty much sums up my entire summer break thus far. I’ve literally been doing nothing for the past god-knows-how-many-weeks. You know what they say, you’re only aware of the time if you’re doing something productive.

So my normal routine is as follows:

wake up- morning routine- brunch- rot in my bedroom-try to beat the heat- dinner-TV-sleep.

It sucks!

But I did have some VERY productive days of my summer last week

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It’s summer. Of course I didn’t do anything productive! It’s like you don’t even know me, you guys. :))

But i’m still looking forward to doing something interesting. I mean, i ain’t looking for a job yet so it’s an infinite summer for me.


Today is the day that we Filipinos made a decision for our nation. The decision that the entire country will have to live with for the next six years and could impact a much longer period of time. Initially, i was supposed to write an election-related blog, regarding the candidates and their platforms, but I figured that I would do nothing but take away a person’s right to free choice if i persuaded them to vote for or against someone.

Instead, so that I will be able to make some sort of an election tribute, i shall just share a wish. A wish that to everyone who voted: that you made an informed decision, that you voted for the person who you think deserves the position, that you didn’t just join the bandwagon of some candidate that your friends were rooting for, and that you voted because you believed in the platform and the capability of the candidate. In a few days, we shall know who our new government officials will be. Philippines, let’s hope you got it right this time!

I really don’t know why I got my indelible ink on the thumb while the other people (including my parents) got theirs on the index finger. Yes the picture’s blurry. But yeah, proof that i did waste away in the heat while lining up to vote. Gah, the things I do for the country I love.

2 responses to “SSDD Summer

  1. I’m here but I didn’t know. 😦

    LOL, anyway, I want an Australian accent too! It’s like exaggerated British (which is exaggerated American English). So, it’s an exaggerated exaggerated American English. Okay, ang weird ko. I read somewhere na they (Aussies) pronounce Melbourne as Mel-bin. How cool iz that?

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