Promises, promises

I know I haven’t updated in the longest time, and it’s weird, since I was getting myself all hyped up for my 2011 blog life (new site layout, additional blog rolls, etc). Somehow, the excitement just disappeared. I know blogging is just a hobby of mine, and it probably should be something that I can use to practice my writing or let loose my thoughts, but I feel like it’s also something that I should definitely keep a tab on. Promise that I’d update every so often, or something. It would be a great practice for discipline.

So, it’s decided. Starting now, I promise at least one blog every two weeks. Let it be written. And if I don’t, well, then, shame on me. I’ll give you guys a treat if ever I fail to update.

Yep, so this blog is pretty much just a reminder for me. Might blog some more later if I decide not to sleep. Might.

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