The List of 50.

Hey, it’s 2010! And to kick off with the wonderful year, Carl challenged me to something for the year to come.

Mechanics: We each make a list of 25 things we have to do before the year ends and put them together to form a list of 50.We then finish the list as soon as we can (take pictures/videos/etc. as proof).

Prize: The satisfaction of accomplishing 50 things that you’ve never done or always wanted to do

Okay, I know I’m not one who you can count on when accomplishing a list (Exhibit A), but I’m a give it a go. And if YOU are as amazing a friend as I know you are, you’d rush on here now to help me finish the list.

So here’s the list of fifty. I’ll keep you posted with updates.

1. Pull a prank on someone.

2. Go to a motel

3. Go to a strip bar.

4. Vote!

5. Buy P100 worth of sampaguita

6. Make a one-day photoblog

7. Get a high score in a videogame.

8. Eat an entire balot.

9. Finish one book each month.

10. Watch 3 Cinemalaya 2010 entries

11. Watch 2 MMFF 2010 entries

12. Eat “betamax”

13. Go star-gazing

14. Dance in the rain

15. Sing a song to someone

16. Give someone a gift for no reason (other than accomplishing this task on the list)

17. Write a letter to someone important to you.

18. Hangout in your old HS tambayan

19. Collect 100 P5 coins

20. Bake cookies and convince friends to eat those

21. Have your fortune told

22. Watch a play.

23. Know who you were in your past life

24. Day trip outside Manila (commute only) with or without a companion

25. Videoke on where they demo the Magic sing

26. Stick yourself outside of a sunroof of a car while it’s moving.

27. Get to take a picture with 5 (legitimate) celebrities holding an “i love (your name)” sign

28.  Learn to speak a new language.

29. Do a free hugs campaign (at least 10 people should hug you)

30. Make a youtube video and it should reach 5000 views.

31. Win in an individual contest/competition

32. Learn and cook a new recipe and have at least 10 people eat it.

33. Learn to say a sentence or two in a fictional language.

34. Make a complete stranger happy.

35. Be a street performer.

36. Watch a series of a movie continuously (e.g. LOTR, Star Wars, etc.)

37. Be someone else/ take someone else’s place for a day.

38. Join a fun run.

39. Ice skate

40. Invent a new game/sport and try it out.

41. Eat the Ultimate Burger (or whatever that is that they’re offering) at Burger Avenue within 5minutes

42. Crash an event

43. Wear a costume for a day.

44. Treat someone important to you for lunch or dinner.

45. Reconnect/hangout with an old friend you haven’t seen or spoken to for a long while (as in a friend you’ve only reconnected thru Facebook)

46. Do something illegal

47. Bust a myth.

48. Write a poem for someone and give it to them.

49. Treat 2 less fortunate kids to lunch

50. Take 5 pictures of the following: important/significant people you’ve met within 2010, significant/ important places you’ve been within 2010, unforgettable events within 2010 and interesting things you’ve seen or had within 2010.

And we’re off!

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