Birthday Resolutions (Update)

To those who are unaware, last year, right after i turned 20, i made a list of things that i HAVE to do before i turn 21. And i haven’t really been giving my list much thought until now. Now that my birthday is less than a month away! *shock*

So yeah, if you’re looking to get me a gift, just help me out with these things, and we’ll call it quits. Alright!

So here is my updated list. I changed some of the stuff on the list because they were utterly stupid/useless(not like the others weren’t). You can view the original post in my multiply.

The Carlo List of Twenty.:

1. Take a puff from a cigarette
2. Paint on a Wall
3. Eat Sampaguita ice cream
4. Go to Jo’s house
5. Eat Betamax (the blood cube. :-&)
6. Take a plane ride without parents
7. Go to a celebrity mall tour
8. Have my fortune read
9. Dye my hair an outrageous color
10. Jog around Mall of Asia/Rockwell (Can’t wait for this, mga pals!)
11. Road trip
12. Pretend to know someone and engage them in conversation
13. Dance in the Rain (not really dance, but did some other activity in the rain)
14. Learn Latin (half done)
15. Go to a strip club
16. Go to a motel and check out the rooms
17. Spend the night in a motel (this is different from 16)
18. Watch a movie in the cinemas alone
19. Go star-gazing at the Cuenca football field
20. take a shot of Absinthe

Help? Great!

4 responses to “Birthday Resolutions (Update)

  1. 3. Eat Sampaguita ice cream – you can have this at illustrados! the one in the museum near roxas blvd 🙂 pero it doesnt really taste good. i got a headache after 😛

    4. Go to Jo’s house- is this me or some other Jo? if its me, dude super near lang ng house ko

    15. Go to a strip club – this is in my bucket list too 🙂

    19. Go star-gazing at the Cuenca football field – game! do this during st james bazaar 😀 which is this weekend na! YAHOO 🙂

    20. take a shot of Absinthe – sama naman kami dito. HAHAHA

    • 3. Alam mo kung san? go with meeeee
      4. haha! ibang Jo. kung ikaw, hindi na challenge eh. lapit lang eh
      15. Tara! Lets!!! Kahit nagvolunteer na si Alps, go lang! Wala naman masama sa marami diba?
      19. Bazaar this weekend? No kidding? Hahaha i’d loook super stupid naman if i do it alone 😛
      20. Tara! San makakabili? 😀

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