One Month After

So, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking of what to blog. And I’ve actually wrote a couple and published them as private with the constant fear that if I published them, I’d sound like a total whiner. And even now, I’m still lost as to where to start.

It’s been one month after graduation and still unemployed. It’s not really that much of a big deal because

  1. I have options available. My parents have given me options I can take, but I figured that I’d really want to try and get a job on my own first.
  2. I’m not that pressured to get work, because I like being on ‘break’.
  3. There are still other things that I am/have been doing.

Now I know that I should really get my life in order, because if I don’t, I could end up 30+ and still living with my parents. But hey, I swear to this blog that ain’t gonna happen.

So what have I been doing for the past month?

Noooo, as opposed to what many of you think (and what many other people do), I do NOT just stay on in facebook all the time. Why? Because it sucks. And I’ve got other Social Networking Sites that I stay in on longer.  Here is a graph I’ve done to show you how I spend my time on internet. Of course, downloading and hitting the refresh button is constantly running all the time, so I didn’t put it in the graph.

To be honest, most of my time has been spent on writing. Yep, writing. No, not writing stories! Well, not per se, but still. I’ve been doing some online role playing. Yes, no before people start reacting, I gotta say two things. First, I’ve definitely taken geek to a whole new level. And two, not the kinky kind of role playing, you pervs!

So I’m part of a bunch now and it’s great because not only do I get to practice my writing, which I’m rarely able to do now, but I also get to meet people from across the world. In fact, I’ve been RPing so much, that I’m aware of the differences in time zones. It really is great especially since my RPs are a mix of action filled scenes, to emotional inner ramblings of the character, allowing me to maximize the writing experience.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I’ve completely left the real world and decided to take a one way trip to FictionLand. I’m still doing chores, applying for work, taking interviews, going out, the usual normal world stuff. But to be honest, I’m liking what I’m doing. You could even say I could see myself doing it forever.

Writing of course, not bumming around at home.

Live by the motto:

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